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Unlike most companies that say they can host your web site, ISG owns and operates our data center. Our advantage is that we have complete control over all aspects of hosting your website. We know where your data is and who has access to it. We personally manage all aspects of your web site for you. From planning, to domain registration, to helping you configure your email. We are there for you, every step of the way.

Our hosting plans are designed to provide you with a cost effective package that fits your needs now while allowing an easy upgrade path later. Need a custom package? Have a specialized application? No problem. Remember, we own the network. Nothing is out of the question.

Business Web Hosting and Email Services:

All hosting packages include plenty of storage, FTP/SFTP access, unlimited POP/IMAP email
accounts, webmail, authenticated SMTP service for mobile users, PHP support, and HTML form­-to­


Domain Registration and Management
ISG can handle all aspects of your domain name for you.  From registration to DNS (Domain Name
Service) to renewals.  We can also provide private registration for those customers to would like to have
maximum protection from spam and other security/privacy issues.

Price: $35/year/domain
        $45/year/domain for private registration

Bronze Package - View Technical Specs

ISG Bronze hosting package is perfect for businesses that just need a basic web presence.
Price:  $240/year


Optional Features:
        Premium Email
        Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Silver Package - View Technical Specs
ISG Silver hosting package is targeted toward the business that want to have a larger website with
advanced features like Content Management System (CMS), forums, community builder applications,
etc.  This package includes MySQL database.
Price:  $360/year

View Technical Specs

Optional Features:
        Premium Email
        Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Gold Package - View Technical Specs
ISG Gold hosting package is for businesses that require secure online communications (SSL).  SSL is
needed for online payment processing, secure login to access confidential documents, and any other
application where privacy is a top concern.  This package is designed for doing business online and
includes a dedicated IP address and SSL support.

This package also includes ISG Premium Email service.

Price: $600/year

View Technical Specs

Optional Features:
       SSL certificate signed by a Certificate Authority (trusted by all major web browsers)
       Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Premium Email
This option incorporates advanced spam and virus protection.  All inbound and outbound email goes
through a rigorous series of checks to protect you and everybody you communicate with via email.
Price: $120/year
       Included with Gold hosting package

Zimbra Collaboration Suite
Beyond email, Zimbra Collaboration Suite integrates your inbox, calendar, contacts, tasks, and
documents in one application.  The advanced web client gives you access from anywhere in the world,
without any software to install.
Price: $120/user/year