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Things have changed a lot in recent years. Simple, static, websites are a thing of the past. Multimedia is in. Customers want to be in control of their content. People use a diverse set of browsers and you want your website to look good in all of them. Websites need to integrate with other software systems. Our designers are trained in visual communications and well versed in the latest technology standards.

To give our customers the most capabilities for their budget, we leverage several open-source frameworks and content management systems to build from. Let us turn your ideas into reality.
Software As A Service

As businesses discover the true cost of ownership to own and manage their own networks, servers, staff, and applications, they realize that it makes sense (cents?) to outsource the application. Most applications these days are web based, making the process even easier. There are many benefits:

    * Access your data from anywhere
    * Fully managed service, lower cost, lower risk
    * Typically sold on a per-user subscription, add more users on demand
    * Fixed IT budget
    * Data center equipment and security is typically better than what the business can afford

ISG offers Concursive Concourse Suite and Zimbra Collaboration Suite as hosted services.