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Frequently Asked Questions - Hosting

How to send email is always the most challenging question to answer because there are many ways to choose from depending on your requirements.  We'll try to help you make the best decision here.  Choose a method below based on your scenario.

  • I need to send email from my desktop system through a network at my home or office
If your network has a local server that handles email, you should ask your network administrator which server you should be using to send email.
If you have a small office or home office, you probably don't have a local mail server.  In this case the server you should use depends on the ISP that you use to connect to the Internet (DSL, cable, etc).  Please visit our FAQ page that lists some of the common ISP's and their outgoing mail servers.

  • I need to send email from a laptop that I use on many different networks
In this case you can use ISG's mail servers for sending email.  We require that you authenticate with your email username and password in order for us to send your message.  Here are the common settings that you should use:
Protocol: SMTP
Security: Use TLS


Username:your full email address ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )
Password: your email password
Many ISP's block port 25 these days to help try and reduce spam.  If you are getting errors like "cannot connect to host" or similar, port 25 may be blocked.  In this case, we also provide port 587 (also called "submission").  If your email client does not have a field for you to change the port, you can try specifying it like this: